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Digital Domainz was founded in January 2000 under the guise of Internet Online . Internet Online initially offered customers registration facilities for the domain name. This was met with much success, as a result of the speedy and affordable service offered.

In May 2000, the coveted .com domain (also .net and .org) was added to our portfolio in order to offer customers a range of affordable options. However, with the phenomenal growth the internet is currently experiencing, suitable domain names are becoming more scarce. It is predicted that over the next four years, the market for domain names will grow at least 20 times, reaching more than 32 million new registrations.

It is due to this demand that in June 2000 we incorporated many brand new global domain names to our registry. Thus, adding to our already extensive portfolio of domains. Organisations and individuals now have the opportunity of securing the widely desired .com to their domain name with the merger of the local extension and the .com extension i.e.,, etc.

Internet Online has since been re-launched as Digital Domainz. Digital Domainz offers an efficient and speedy registration service for an extensive array of global domain names. Add to this the affordability of the registration process, Digital Domainz is set to become the pre-eminent and largest domain registrars in Southern Africa.


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